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Our Doctors

Our group of expertise Ophthalmologist Doctors brought us the skills and knowledge they acquired from their practices all around the world to right here in eastern North Carolina. These professional doctors offer the procedures and services needed to provide top-quality eye care to our patients. Coastal Eye Clinic prides itself on serving eastern North Carolina for over 35 years but this would not have been possible without our successful team of Ophthalmologists. Our doctors care about the eye health and wellness of each and every one of their patients. If you are looking for top-quality eye services given by the most caring experts in the business, then Coastal Eye Clinic is the eye care company for you.

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What Patients Are Saying

I always had my skepticisms about LASIK eye surgery… I used to be the first one to say ‘that can’t be safe!’ But when my vision slowly started to deteriorate, the Coastal Eye Clinic recommended I do LASIK. I was certainly hesitant at first, but Coastal Eye Clinic walked me through the entire procedure and gave me tons of information and resources to become familiar with the surgery. I ended up getting LASIK surgery at the Coastal Eye Clinic in New Bern—best decision I’ve ever made as far as my eyes are concerned!

The Coastal Eye Clinic is the only eye care center I trust in the region. They have been taking care of me and my eyes since I moved to North Carolina ten years ago!

I have been going to Coastal Eye Clinic for my eye examinations for 2 years since I moved to the area. I am so pleased to have chosen Coastal Eye Clinic as my trusted eye care center. Dr. Chance, who performs my examinations, always provides thorough feedback and gives me a better understanding of what I can do to maintain my eye health. Thank you!!

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